We are aware of the many threats and risks faced by western businesses in the current geo-political climate. This is why we offer a comprehensive integrated range of professional security solutions, business consultancy, and trouble-shooting services. 

Our packages include:

Security Consultancy


  • Identification and examination of threats and risks to both business and individuals. 
  • Implementation of appropriate and focused mitigation strategies. 
  • Alignment of security resources to meet core business aims.

Protective Security


  • VIP and Celebrity Protection
  • Personal Close Protection 
  • Family Protection 
  • High-Valued Property Protection
  • Overseas Traveling Escort 
  • Security Vehicles/Drivers 

Corporate Security Consultancy


  • International business consultancy
  • Event organizing 
  • Travel escorts & arrangements
  • Trouble-shooting business matters

Specialized Security


  • Intelligence Analysis service
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Fleet Management
  • Crisis Analysis and Management
  • Security K9 and Handler Services
  • Evacuation Plan Management 

Technical Solutions


  • Project Management
  • Site Survey & Risk Assessment
  • Residence and Infrastructure Security Systems
  • CCTV Systems and Programming
  • Drone Systems 
  • Tracking Systems 
  • Specialized Security Apparatus Research and Development 
  • Smart city infrastructure 



  • Security Guard Training
  • Tactical Medic/First Aid Training
  • Security Scenario Drills & Exercises
  • Security Awareness 
  • Protective Operations Training 

Innovation and Advancement

To ensure our clients with the most comprehensive range of protective services, we are always striving to innovate, expand our service range. Our newest addition to our technical solutions include:  Engineering-grade fixed lens, engineering-grade coastal defense system and lens, network video recording equipment, parking equipment, professional surveillance monitors and many more.