International Clientele

Operated All Across Asia

Based in Hong Kong, our business partner Clement Shield International has rapidly grown its reputation and business not only limited to Hong Kong, but also across Asia and other major parts of the world. 

Places where Clement Shield International has operated in: 

  • Switzerland 
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • China (Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang) 
  • Japan 
  • Taiwan 
  • Belarus 
  • Bosnia 
  • Canada 

Clement Shield International has a large client profile including governments, large international corporates and high net worth individuals. 

The following names and brands are the Clement Shield International's clients who can be disclosed for reference: 

  • Twitter Inc. 
  • McKinsey & Company 
  • Footlocker
  • Baker & McKenzie
  • Christian Dior Far East 
  • Asia World-Expo Management 
  • TVB (Hong Kong) 
  • Grand Hyatt Hotel
  • Four Seasons Hotel 
  • Credit Suisse